Our Team

We are a small, privately funded start-up with big plans. Our platform is built on a cutting edge technology, and delivered through mobile/tablet computing. It merges social networking and commerce using real-time transactions and emerging web-standards. Our goal is to improve the online experience in local communities, allowing for easy interactions through web enabled devices.

Randall Richard
Randall Richard, CEO and Co-Founder

Randall Richard is the CEO and Co-founder of Trellis Technology Inc. As Trellis’ visionary, Randall believes that today’s emerging technologies can help small businesses significantly improve their online presence by leveraging rich interactive real time applications, and narrow the technological advantages that large corporate franchises have over the small business owner.

Kevin Kowalski
Kevin Kowalski, President and Co-Founder

As President and Co-Founder, Kevin is responsible for the overall Company Strategy and Go-To market plans for Trellis Technology. His executive leadership and vast technology background working with prominent entrepreneurs’ and Venture Capitalist, provides the foundation and expertise to drive growth for Trellis.

Glenn Christal
Glenn Christal, CFO and COO

Glenn is responsible for the Finance and Operations infrastructure of the company. He manages the daily operations of Trellis’ merchant activities and manages quality standards of the Trellis product, ensuring accurate reporting and analysis. Glenn has deep experience in finance and accounting.

Anselm McClain
Anselm McClain, Co-Founder

Anselm is a web and mobile web developer extraordinaire.

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