Close the loop!

It ‘s time to close the loop on your customer web and mobile visits. Allow consumers who visit your website to instantly interact with your business, and close the loop!

Get in touch today!

Your customers are on the move. Trellis lets you connect with your customers on their terms. They can order, schedule, or chat directly with you ensuring that their questions are answered and their orders are completed just the way they wanted.


Can Trellis feed into my Point of Sale System (POS)?

Currently we are not integrating with POS vendors, but based on customer demand, and type of system, Trellis plans to add this functionality in future releases.

Can Trellis print the orders?

Yes, you can send the orders to a wireless printer.

How much does it cost?

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If I type in the menu, can the setup fee be waived?

The on boarding / setup accounts for getting the business profile set up including inventory, payments and account profile. We can certainly discuss a reduction in the fee.

Which iPad should I use?

16 gig WiFi is acceptable.

Do I need WiFi or can I use 3G?

WiFi is recommended, 3G should only be used as a backup.

What if I don’t have an iPad?

The business console is a web application that can be run on Google Chrome and Safari desktop browsers

How can I pay my Trellis bill?

Trellis will set up a secure payment through our platform using a credit card. (If needed we can accept a check.)

How are you going to promote my business?

Trellis will be promoting its early adopters with outbound campaigns to drive usage throughout the platform. Trellis uses Facebook, Twitter as well as email marketing to drive awareness. In addition, we can develop co-marketing materials with our merchant partners.

Is there any contract to sign?

We do not have any contracts that commit you to a length of usage. We have a Terms of Use agreement outlining the legal parameters similar to Apple. You may stop using Trellis at any time.

When will I get paid for credit card transactions?

Merchants will get paid via the agreements set up with their merchant bank provider.

What type of support will Trellis provide?

A dedicated support number and email will be provided to all merchants.

How often will I receive statements?

You will receive monthly statements from Trellis.

Can I request special placement on the restaurant list on the platform?

Yes, we will have the ability to provide premium placement in your category. We will be charging an additional fee for this service. The timetable for this functionality is towards the end of the year.

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